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Frequently-Asked Questions

Transformer Technology has compiled some of our most frequently asked questions for easy reference. Have a question for us? Please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible to your request. Visit our product pages for more on our standard transformers, custom transformer manufacturer services or transformer design and engineering services.

Does Transformer Technology, Inc. have agency approvals?

Yes – all units are built to either UL Class B (130C) or Class H (180C) standards.

Are power supply and transformer design services available?

Yes, TTI has complete in-house electrical and mechanical design capabilities to help ensure fit and function. Read more on our Transformer Design, Engineering & Consulting page.

Are TTI's transformers tested?

Yes, 100% of all Transformer Technology's products are tested and certified to operate within design parameters. If you need assistance with the design of your component, please visit our Transformer Design, Engineering & Consulting page for more on our services.

Is TTI's power supply and transformer manufacturing done in the USA?

Yes, every one of our units is built in the USA with components sourced in America. We strive to be the best transformer manufacturer in North America.

Can Transformer Technology, Inc. build to match an existing design?

Yes, TTI can either reverse engineer or redesign the present unit to meet both electrical and mechanical requirements. We provide complete transformer design, engineering and consulting services in-house.

Does TTI offer value-added services to finished transformers?

Yes, Transformer Technology, Inc. maintains a complete line of standard terminals, and has the ability to wire harness and terminate to meet the customer's final design. Contact our experienced transformer manufacturing team for more information about your exact needs.

Can Transformer Technology build toroids?

Yes, TTI can manufacture toroids, toroidal transformers and chokes. TTI has both high product toroid winders and low volume/prototype winding machines.

Can TTI pot finish transformers?

Yes, Transformer Technology, Inc. has the ability to pot units in either a silicon-based or epoxy-based medium, using either standard or custom designed potting containers.

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