Raw Materials and Part Sourcing
for Transformers & Power Supplies

In addition to leading transformer manufacturing services, TTI stocks an extensive line of components and raw materials. While many of these items we utilize in our power supply and transformer manufacturing, we are also able to act as a part and materials supplier. We maintain an inventory of components, wire and raw materials in virtually every standard gauge for a diverse collection of requirements.

Maintaining a large, in-house inventory allows Transformer Technology to respond quickly to customers' needs, and meet the fast turnaround times that our competitors cannot. With a stock of metal, wire, components and supplies on-hand and ready for use, we are able to reduce production delays, should there be a slow-down in the supply chain. TTI customers know that our team works to meet every deadline, and having an inventory of stocked raw materials and parts means we are prepared for any order.

While our standard material and component inventory is extensive, we also stock unique and specialty supplies for customers with on-going fulfillment needs. For customers who order parts regularly, we can work to develop a plan and maintain an inventory of components specially-stocked to respond to their manufacturing needs.

If you are looking to source materials or parts from TTI, or have questions about our raw materials and components, please contact us regarding our current availability. Our staff can review your needs and advise on the supplies your application requires.

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