Custom Transformers
& Power Supplies

Transformer Technology, Inc. manufacturers custom transformers and power supplies using modern machinery and the latest techniques, providing customers with fast, cost-effective transformer production. We maintain close relationships with suppliers which allows us to stock material quickly, and we work to meet all delivery requirements, even for unique custom manufactured transformer orders. Typically, prototypes can be delivered in less than 2 weeks, with full production upon approval.

Custom Manufactured Tranformers

Over 4 Decades of Custom Transformer Manufacturing

TTI designs and manufactures custom transformers to meet your exact power requirements, and works to achieve the most cost-effective design for our customers. Our experienced team leads the industry in quality compliance and manufacturing expertise, and we are dedicated to delivering reliable custom transformers on-time and at the lowest prices possible.

We offer a full line of custom transformers, producing single phase units up to 30KVA and 3 phase units to 100KVA. Our in-house transformer design and engineering staff can work with you to produce a component to fulfill your requirements.

Quality Custom Power Supplies

Transformer Technology's power supply design methods precisely meet both electrical and physical requirements. TTI will design all necessary metal work to provide complete integration of components, working to maximize the efficiency and thermal performance of the power supply. We can design and build custom cabinetry to meet environmental and mechanical requirements, or use an existing enclosure.

Our team also can design "green", providing specialized efforts that reduce waste and promote energy conservation.

All power supplies we produce are tested 100% for electrical adherence to specifications including ripple break, current fold-back and over-voltage protection. Mechanical specifications are guaranteed through extensive use of CAD while in the design process. All metal fabricated parts are provided with certificates of compliance, certifying all tolerances are maintained throughout the assembly procedures.

Request a quote or contact TTI today with any questions regarding your custom transformer or power supply manufacturing needs.

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