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Standard Motor Control,
Transformers & Power Supplies

Transformer Technology manufactures a large variety of standard motor control power supplies, with varied primary inputs to meet any application. All power supply designs include filter capacitors, bleeder resistors and fused outputs. Power ratings range from 50 to 1500 VA.

Custom design and manufacturing is available on any power supply to more readily meet your requirements. We maintain a large inventory of components to ensure quick response to the varied needs of your application, from prototype power supply manufacturer services to standard components.

Compliance & Quality Certifications

All power supplies we produce are tested 100% for electrical adherence to specifications including ripple break, current fold-back and over-voltage protection. All metal fabricated parts are provided with certificates of compliance, certifying all tolerances are maintained throughout the assembly procedures.

Request a quote online or contact TTI today for all your standard motor control needs. You can also email us any questions regarding power supply units, or read more on our design and engineering services.

TTI # Primary Voltage (DC) Current (DC)
23151115V, 60HZ123.5
23152115V, 60HZ1212.0
23013115V, 60HZ246.0
23012115V, 60HZ248.0
22970115V, 60HZ2414.0
22934115V, 60HZ2415.0
23027115V, 60HZ2420.0
21593115V+/-10%, 50/60 HZ253.5
21609115/230V, 50/60 HZ253.5
21594115V+/-10%, 50/60 HZ285.0
21604115/230V, 50/60 HZ285.0
22980115V, 60HZ3010.0
22964115V, 60HZ3615.0
23045115V, 60HZ3620.0
22835115/230V, 50/60 HZ456.0
21595115V+/-10%, 50/60 HZ481.8
21596115V+/-10%, 50/60 HZ484.0
22834115V, 60HZ485.0
23255115V, 60HZ486.0
22085115V+/-5%, 50/60 HZ488.0
23085115V, 60HZ4810.0
22858115V, 50/60 HZ4812.0
21597115V+/-5%, 50/60 HZ4815.0
21983115/230V, 50/60HZ4815.0
23109115V, 60HZ4815.0
23213115V, 60HZ4820.0
23062480V, 60HZ507.0
22848115/208/230V, 50/60HZ608.5
23025115V, 60HZ6010.0
21598115V+/-10%, 50/60 HZ654.0
21599115V+/-5%, 50/60 HZ656.0
22334115/230V, 50/60 HZ656.0
23028115V, 60HZ656.0
21574115V+/-5%, 50/60 HZ658.0
21952115/230V, 50/60 HZ658.0
23095115V, 60HZ658.0
23087115V, 60HZ6510.0
23025480V, 60HZ6510.0
23081115V, 60HZ65 & 2412.0 & 2.0
23104115V, 60HZ6512.0
21600115V+/-5%, 50/60 HZ6515.0
21953115/230V, 50/60 HZ6515.0
22551115V+/-10%, 60 HZ6515.0
23049115V, 60HZ6515.0
23029115V, 60HZ6520.0
23105115V, 60HZ70 W/48 V TAP12.0
23117115V, 60HZ726.0
23177115V, 60HZ7212.0
21979115V+/-10%, 60 HZ758.0
23118115V, 60HZ7510.0
21980115V+/-10%, 60 HZ7515.0
22212115/230V, 50/60HZ7515.0
23116115V, 60HZ7815.0
21611115V+/-5%, 50/60 HZ1205.0
22028115/230V, 50/60HZ1205.0

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