• Custom Transformers & Power Supplies

    • precisely meet all electrical and physical requirements
    • ensure a cost-effective design for your exact application
    • maximize efficiency and thermal performance
    • custom cabinets and designs to meet environmental
       and mechanical requirements

  • Standard Power Supplies

    • single phase transformers up to 30KVA and
       3 phase transformers to 100KVA
    • stocked standard parts for quick response
    • tested for quality including ripple break,
        current fold-back and over-voltage protection

  • Transformer Design & Prototypes

    • rapid prototyping with in-house design and manufacturing
    • engineered to comply with UL certification standards
    • consulting services to assist in the submission
       and certification process
    • lower production costs and improve performance
       with re-engineering services

iconTransformers & Power Supplies

Transformer Technology, Inc. is a full service manufacturer of standard and custom transformers and power supplies. With over four decades of experience and over 3,000 proven designs, TTI has the engineering expertise and manufacturing experience to meet your needs. We are proud to have earned a reputation as one of the America's leading power supply and transformer manufacturers.

iconExpert Transformer Design

Our experienced team has thousands of transformer designs operating in applications around the world. We can design a new transformer or power supply to meet your needs, or re-engineer your present design to reduce costs, improve efficiency or change the configuration. No matter what your application, TTI can provide a power supply or transformer design solution.

iconDedicated to Service

We are committed to providing the highest quality design and manufacturing services for standard and custom transformers and power supplies. Our parts comply with a variety of certifications and standards, and we work with customers to meet application requirements. Contact TTI today or request a quote online. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service for every order.

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